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"Agence très efficace, forte d'une grande et longue expérience. Les compétences, le professionnalisme étaient présents à chaque étape. Je souligne particulièrement le caractère profondément humain qui a guidé toutes nos démarches. Excellent suivi du dossier et très bonne connaissance de la législation en vigueur. De la gentillesse, de la disponibilité, du professionnalisme et de la rigueur. Confiance. On ne peut que féliciter et recommander cette agence."


"I Have been working with  Brussels Real estate for the past 12 years. Martine has been very honest, professional and an excellent adviser on the property market in Brussels...I can only highly recommend to buyers as well as sellers of properties. Managing of my rental properties in Brussels was of a highest standard as well."

JL Lazarowicz

"Très bonne agence."

Victor Crochet

"Excellents conseils et connaissance du marché !"

Boris De Vleeschouwer

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Interview Logic-Immo

Originally specialising in rental of furnished properties, Brussels Real Estate proceeded to extend their energy and knowledge into sales and rental management sectors as well.

You say that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising for you. Are your customers so satisfied that they recommend you to others?

Our agency grew entirely through word-of-mouth. It took time, but it’s been very rewarding! Customer loyalty is very important to us. We have a deep respect for those people who entrust us with their property—with their home—because it often represents the story of their life, efforts and achievements. And we take pride in speaking frankly with them; being truthful is the first step in developing that relationship of trust.

We do not overvalue assets to win customers. That doesn’t fit with our ethics. To check our own valuations are as accurate as possible, we don’t hesitate to cover the costs of an external, independent valuation when applicable. From experience, we have seen that these valuations tend to be close to the estimates that we already provide free of charge to our customers. Then we agree with the owner what the ideal value for marketing the property will be. This is how we carry out our mission to our customers: efficiently and offering complete peace of mind.

Our reputation is also strengthened by the range of services we deploy, which include home staging, legal advice for tax and inheritance, property management, life annuity, and building regulation. Our customers can simply call and our specialists helps with all their questions.

What do you consider when you visit a property?

With sales, just like with renting, we think about the property’s ‘potential’: the location, the surroundings, the architecture, the fittings, the technical and ecological qualities of the building, etc.

If a property entrusted to us can be increased in value somehow, we develop 3D plans so that interested parties (buyer/seller, or owner/tenant) can visualise its potential if they were to renovate or redecorate. This optimises the yield, selling price and the speed of securing a sale or rental agreement.

And if a property requires work or regularisation, our architects and contractors advise on changes to make and provide the necessary quotes. We liaise with the local council and take the necessary steps to obtain any required legal documents. We remain available and attentive to our customers throughout.

As for marketing photos, we work with professional photography and video equipment, including drones for creating aerial shots and for marketing larger properties. We stay deeply involved so that the potential of what we’re proposing can be effectively developed. Focusing on the big picture is a recurring theme for us.

We also present real estate ventures like the one located in Neder-Over-Hembeek, the permit for which has already been acquired. This beautiful project covers 2,150 m2, composing 16 apartments and two houses on an outstanding south-facing plot. Developers and other investors should take note if they are interested in bringing a beautiful project like this to life in a developing district near the centre of Brussels.


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