It’s a small intervention to enhance the value of a property that allows you to sell or rent better and faster. 
We guide you so that you can make a big step forward at a low cost.

Increase your income!

Enhance your property in two phases:

  • Homestaging is the first phase, it is the way to arrange all your furniture and decoration, and even to add a few little extra touches in order to optimize the well-being felt in your home.
  • Interior decoration is the second phase, which involves the design of the property, the colour of the walls, work to build in furniture, add lighting such as spotlights or hanging lamps, open up a kitchen by removing a wall, etc…

    You can’t negotiate a “coup de coeur” – that’s why we do everything we can to make it happen.

    Our team will advise you and provide you with a free estimate.

Some essential information;

  • In Great Britain, nearly 70% of properties for sale are sold through homestaging
  • 90% of property purchases & rentals are made on a whim.
  • The use of certain colours has an important impact, as the aim is to please “everyone” and each room has its own importance.

    All our properties treated by Homestaging have seen their rental unemployment drop drastically and their values increase

A small investment,
a big upgrade.

Please contact us to discuss your homestaging projects.

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"Martine proposed a homestaging plan to increase the value of my flat in Ixelles. In addition to finding tenants in less than two weeks, I was able to increase my income by 20%. Very satisfied!"
Etienne D.


It is a small intervention in the design and decoration of a property that allows you to sell/rent better and faster!

L’agence est à l’origine spécialisée dans la location de biens meublés.
Depuis 20 ans, nous avons développés une expertise pour revaloriser les biens de nos clients afin d’optimiser les revenus et limiter le chômage locatif.

Tout dépend du budget du propriétaire et du bien en question. 
Nous proposons des devis gratuitement et sur mesure pour chacun de nos clients.