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Belgium Invest is the extension of the real estate agency Brussels Real Estate in its capacity as Syndic.



The 20 years of loyalty of our co-ownerships testify to their trust and our qualities.
Our primary objective is to listen to each and every one of you and to provide professional answers.

Our involvement in the management of your building is the source of a strong and long-lasting relationship, our syndic takes over your management with care.

Belgium Invest ;

  • intervenes quickly and efficiently because we know that your satisfaction is the key to our development.
  • is an excellent team: surveyors, experts, contractors, tradesmen, accountants and lawyers, at your disposal.
  • is a mediator at your side.

    Conflicting situations in your building will find the best advice from our collaborators to reach a positive outcome.

What is a building syndic?

For Belgium Invest, being a Syndic is a pact of trust between the co-owners of a building and our agency. This trust is essential because the mandate of Syndic grants to operate in the name and for the co-owners. Decisions are applied and implemented following votes at General Meetings

Is a trustee required?

It is not mandatory to use a Syndic if your condominium has less than 15 units. Nevertheless, it is a valuable solution that will maintain the quality and the maintenance of your building. The Syndic will monitor and adapt the constant legal and urbanistic modifications so that your property will increase in value.

Who manages a co-ownership? The syndic alone?

The Syndic calls upon many complementary skills and stakeholders. The Syndic is the conductor of all the needs of a building. The Syndic looks for the best solutions in all the circumstances of a co-ownership. The Syndic calls on a variety of technical skills, calls for and studies estimates, provides information and takes great care in following up on interventions.

What does the syndic of a co-ownership do?

Belgium Invest takes over your management with care. The starting point of our "Syndic" relationship is the analysis of your co-ownership under numerous aspects such as security, insulation, heating, ecology, economy, compliance, administration, accounting, etc... The tasks are numerous and varied. A meeting follows to allow everyone to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas.

Who makes up the syndic of co-ownership?

The organisation of a Syndic is divided between a designated and unique manager, an accounting department qualified staff chosen for their skills.

How much does it cost to have a property manager?

Based on the size of your building, its needs, and your expectations, we will be happy to make you an offer and meet with you. By completing the form below, a first approach can be arranged. Belgium Invest will be happy to help you.

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